Let the Best Name Win

Find that catchy name

If you need a name or a tagline for a startup, invention, or anything, you can create a naming contest. Through crowdsourcing our namers will propose name ideas on your project and rate the best ones. You choose a winner.

Make money naming

You can earn money by naming and rating proposed names for businesses, products, and other projects. If the name project owner selects the name you submitted or supported through the rating system, you collect the award.
How it works
When you create a name contest, our members suggest names based on project details. You can communicate with namers and give feedback on their efforts
Our members then rate the names through a crowdsourced rating system, this bubbles the best names to the top of the list and filters the weaker names out
You get a ranked name list. With trademark and domain name availability, we help you choose the winner. Users who supported the winner name get the rewards
Propose Inspiring Names
Our voters might make you the next winner