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Type a name to check its domains availability

You can type full domains (i.e.,
or just a name to check against .com and .net

Domain Name Brainstorming Tool and API

  • No Busy UI. No ads. No Bells. No Whistles.
  • Designed for small screens. Responsive design is something most domain name checking sites lack today
  • Checks as you type (when you stop typing, really). Who needs an extra click
  • Works if you paste or speek a name, it ignores anything that can't be part of a real domain name. D'oh!
  • Keeps a list of everything available while you're checking, and you can email the list to yourself when you're done

w.js - an HTTP/JSON API for domain name checking

curl "" [ { "domain":"", "available":false } ]
curl "" [ { "domain":"", "available":true } ]
curl "" [ { "domain":"", "available":false }, { "domain":"", "available":false } ]
We have a small jQuery plugin to use the API above for abstract checks, or to integrate it with a changing text on a website.
<script src=""></script> # As text change in "text-input-element", query the API above $("#text-input-element").wjsio({ beforeCheck: function () { ... }, success: function (data) { ... do something with the json data above ... }, error: function (error) { ... } });